The Executive Board . . . .

The Executive Board of Villanova's EMS consists of seven members, of which six are elected by the general membership. Click here for a listing of past executive boards. The 2001 - 2002 Executive Board is:

Jeff Bell '02

Commerce & Finance

Jeff Bell is a senior MIS major from Rochester, NY. He has been involved in EMS since 1998 when he became a member of VEMS and obtained certifications in EVOC and as a PA-EMT-B. In addition, Jeff is also active at home with Perinton Volunteer Ambulance Corps and Pittsford Volunteer Fire Department.

Equipment Lieutenant
Aaron Bell '02

Comprehensive Science

Aaron Bell is a senior comprehensive science major from Foxboro, MA. He has been involved in EMS since joining VEMS in 1999 and has since received his PA EMT-B and EVOC certifications. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys the Harry Potter book collection, classic Rock & Roll, driving in the snow, operating heavy machinery, and moonlit walks on the beach in summer. After graduation, Aaron plans to further his education in the field of Emergency Medicine.

Scheduling Lieutenant
Chris Anton '03

Computer Science

Chris Anton is a junior Computer Science and Honors major from Wilmington, Delaware. He has been an active member of VEMS since 1999. Since joing VEMS he has earned his PA-EMT-B, EVOC, and BLS-I certifications. He spends copious amounts of time pulling duty and doing other assorted VEMS tasks.

Training Lieutenant
Michael Werner '04

Comprehensive Science

Michael Werner is a sophomore Comprehensive Science Major from Madison, CT. He has been involved in EMS for 2� years as a CT-EMT-B and PA-EMT-B. He is an active member with Winsted Area Ambulance Association, an ALS ambulance company in Northwest Connecticut. He also runs with EMS Plus, a medical transport company in Oreland, PA, and is an active member with VEMS since joining in 2000. He looks to attain his EVOC and BLS-I certifications in April, 2001, as well as his CT-EMT-Intermediate certification in the summer of 2001. He plans to enter medical school after graduation to further himself in a career of medicine.

Allison Majczan '03

Comprehensive Science

Allison Majczan is a junior comprehensive science major from Richboro, PA. She has been involved in EMS since joining VEMS in 1999 and has since received her PA EMT-B and EVOC certifications. She also runs with Radnor Fire Company's Ambulance Division. After graduation, Allison hopes to go to medical school.

<Position in Transition>

<Position in Transition>

Maria Ruibal '99

Maria Ruibal '99 graduated from Villanova with a Bachelor of Science in nursing and is a registered nurse in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She has been an EMT in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for 7 years. She was a member of VEMS for four years and served as Training Lieutenant and Captain. Maria is currently an emergency department nurse and is certified in BLS, ACLS, PALS, and triage, as well as trauma emergencies and adult critical care.

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